Hello world!

11 Jul

Oh, ok! As you can see that’s my first post here and my objective of doing this blog is just for training my english with someone else…. ok, I’m kidding!! LOL I won’t use you, right? Stopping kidding now, or you will start to hate me, that’s a lifestyle blog and I’ll use it asa diary. If you think your life is a mess, oh! Don’t ask about mine, ok? It’s embarassing. But I thought a lot and I had a conclusion that surprised me a little: I’ll write about my daylife on a blog and post it to the whole world read it…. Oh well, I don’t know if everybody is reading it, it’s a new blog. The main objective here is make new friends and enjoy the life the way it is.

“I have to love my life” is a phrase that I hate, because we have just onelife, oh ok, for the Catolic and Evangelic people this is a fact. So, we have to live our lives don’t worring about the evil on the world. Don’t worry about your mistakes, because we always learn with them. And like all magic we know from fairy tales, has a collateral effect.

“I love my life.” is the phrase that I love the most, of course. (And you got it in the last paragraph. Sorry, I’m just enphasizing my text.)  Today is the day of some surprises, and one of them is that my English teacher is preparing us to ENEM too. (Oh, sorry. You don’t know ENEM. It’s a vestibular here in Brazil. It’s a bit complicated talk about it, because some students like this new sistem, and others want the traditional exam type, with two fases and more difficult. You may say that the last group is crazy, but they’re not and I’ll explain why! We had been prepared to do the difficult and traditional method our whole life, and my class was the guinea pig to do ENEM. And the worst, we had just one year to prepare for it, and took almost two months to get the supplies and start to study for real. That’s a real tragedy and frustrating. Guess what? We didn’t give up. Almost all of my class is in universty. So, I have a conclusion for this as a moral of the history: Don’t give up, even if the time you have to plan and fight for it is short.

Repeat with me: “I’m prepared, I’ll succeed!”. “Breath slowly, inspiration and expiration…” I saw this reading the TOEFL preparing book. LOL So, it’s prooved that’s not a section of hypnosis. I swear!! LOL I passed in vestibular too, but I didn’t the registration to enter to university, I’m so stupiiiiid!! Moral of my absurd story: I passed in vestibular but I’m not in a university WTF I’m so idiot you can say this all the timje, but the best thing in me is that I don’t give up, and I promiss to myself and you, dear bloggers and readers, that I’ll enter in a university this time!! I won’t give up!! I PROMISE!! And I don’t want a political career, then I’m not lying LOL

After talking about some crisis in my life I really have positive things to share with you. So, I’ll post it later, because my class finished and I have to go home now!

Kisses and a good Carpe Diem LOLLOLOLOLOLOL


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