Funny Things I Found

15 Jul

I am listening: nothing, just watching tv online.

Mood: Happy

Hello~ : )

I didn’t show the other pages of  the egg magazine on the last post because brazilian team was playing in a match. I had to watch it. Conclusion of this? I am sooo happy!!

Placar final: Brazil 4 x Equator 2 I’m really happy with this! You are probably saying ‘what’s her problem?’ But soccer is in our DNA, it’s in our blood. ^^hehe Soccer is the top 1 f the topics that people remember when someone talks about Brazil, lonsing just for samba dance. I’m so glad that Brazilian team is getting better and Neymar is recovering his  power and returned to score goals. That’s so good! And what to say about Alexandre Pato, I thought he was in the same situation but he also recovered his powers! Ok, and Robinho stopped to worry a lot about his hair. Yeeeey~!  ; P Ok, I saw a funny photo from a site very famous here by its good humor and interesting news called Aaand, this photo is from a section of the blog called “He looks like a/an…” See it:

He looks like a fried cheese seller on the beach! LOL

However, today I had a very busy and boring morning, because the first exams. I hate written tests when we have to search something from the text and pur on some blanks of the questions. And I suffered searching them to do 3 huge questions. That’s a bullying with my patience! LOL And when I arrive, of course I want to rest and eat something, it’s not easy catch two buses to go to somewhere, what to say about catch them to do an exam which is like I said. I always learned american english and this year I am learning for the first time the British… I cannot understand some words when I am doing the listening exam, WTF, and I really need good grades since the first exam. I decided to listen some interviews like BBC and NHK tv programs, and I realized that the british english used on the lessons and listening exams are more difficult to understand than tv programs and special interviews from Youtube. That’s an absurd!! Ok, relaxing now, I already did my exam and my teacher’s face/expression when he saw my exam paper said me that I made a few mistakes, so I could breathe… I didn’t miss the whole exam! Wohooooooo  \^O^\ /^O^/

My impression of today is, our country will never be like Suiss, where we can breathe a pure air, feel the 4 seasons, leave the house without worrying about traffic, see beautiful sights from a ecological correctly train’s window everyday without feel boring etc. I want to live there!! >__<

I don’t want to post the egg magazine here, because it would be kinda awckward show very cute and pink thing in the same post as the funny Neymar post! LOL But I’m just kidding, I think he’s a good soccer player and a cheerful and friendly guy. You can see that this (he’s a good player!) is true checking the number of European teams wanting him to play with them.

Talking about funny things and soccer, what about this another photo from

WTF If you answer what’s wrong there, you’ll win a prize: this soccer socks! LOL

****** Finish ******


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