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16 Jul

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Hello~ ; )

I will finish the post Egg Magazine February Edition  !! FINALLY, just because there isn’t soccer match today! Just kidding!! hehe

I showed a tutorial and CO&LU style looks. Now I will show the looks I like the most. ; )

Nemoyayo is her nick and she won the ‘be beautiful’ prize. She’s really cute. : ) But I have to say that the 2nd little picture on the bottom of the page, see from left to right, is really frustrating, beacuse: is she in this pic??  

*Frightened *

She’s a very recognized because of her style and who have an account on Poupée Girl know her from Celebrity Shop. If you want to know more about her, see her BLOG and official website. She’s currently working on TBS with a program called Gyaru Talk Tengoku (Heaven Gyaru Talk or Gyaru Talk Paradise). Want to know more? Go to tv program’s website!

You’ll find some videos of the models who are on this tv program and other videos about it HERE. I’ts seems so funny.


Manya won the prize as a newcomer and Koshikawa Mami won as a Gal. I’ll show them with the prize later, ok?

Romihi’s earings are so cool. Love the details ^___^

Tanaka Daichi is a men’s egg model, and according to the male models of that Shibuya-based “Gyaruo” style bible men’s egg magazine are about to make their cinematic debut! Today is the great dayof the debut, July 16. ‘Men’s egg Drummers’ will be unleashed in movie theaters across Japan. See more information HERE. And his BLOG.

On the pic:

Girls: Tanaka Aina, Kanya or Shishikura Kanae, Mihi, Oohashi Rina and Pikachu~ (LOL)

Man: Matsumura-san is from men’s egg magazine.

Yunkoro and Fujita Anna.

Yumachi  コーデ

I love the 6th and 9th looks!! They’re incredible and I can use them in Brazil in winter rainy and spring sunny&cool whether days : )  And I love her hair style, I cut my hair just to see if it suits me. My friends say that I’m beautiful with short hair, but I’ll try a long hair style. I won’t  chance the color, I’ll decide this later. *^^*

Expensive Brands コーデ

For more download the whole magazine file from or click HERE to a direct download.



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