20 Jul

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Hello Dears! : )

I was reading some blogs and one thing attracted my attention:

She is now employed as a writer for a “non-fiction project”. She said she was hired because her boss knew of her blog.

Xiaxue is really brave writing her life with no fear of what she put there. I have to admire her because of this. It’s pitiful how people want to damage bloggers just because they aren’t afraid to share their life with the world, however everyone have your own life so take care of yours you freaking pitiful critics! But be a blogger can be lucrative and as everything in this world this hobby have to sides.

Be a blogger is becoming a profession, but to do it people have to be corageous and be careful like know about media law. I know that if you’re writing about what you’re thinking and your skills and daylife you can put whatever you want, it will depends on each person’s personalities. I don’t think that the famous bloggers criated a cover life just to be success, because I don’t know them… but, who knows?

We can’t judge people just because they’re wearing ridiculous clothes… ok, we can do it! Blogger’s life are just like our mind being shared to people you meet everyday and everytime. So don’t be jealous just because I’ll be famous and you won’t. What I want to say is: If you want to have a successful blog just be yourself and like yourself, because people will try to low you, will try to see you sad… And it isn’t a bad thing say that you’re the best, because everyone say that and if you don’t think like this so you really think like a loser. Be optimist and like yourself, say that you’re the best and do your best.

If you don’t like yourself first, who will do it? Your parents? Ok, they love you, but when you get out of you parent’s house? Don’t you want to be independent?

Don’t say stupid things. First you have to study about what you’ll say, that’s a fact! I’m stupid for writing this obvious point! But remember that to be employed you cannot be registered on social network that can compromise your career or your employee relationship with your boss. That’s another fact!


  • I’m a bitch!
  • I like sexual positions. […] I like pain […]
  • I hate my boss and my husband. They’re a couple of shit!
  • Fuck you, fuck the guy over there, fuck everything!

These things are too rude and proove that you are stupid/idiot/….bitch.

I saw some news about what your child is writing on internet. Ok, that can be good, if the daughter didn’t want to say that she fell in love with a boy who is 12 years older to her parents, they will keep updated about her life reading the blog… That’s so unreal even to just imagine.

Don’t insult or show some prooves about that famous person’s life if you know that you can be prossessed by his/her manager. If you do it, so you will have to be prepared to the consequences. Study law is the first thing you’ll  have to do! Have a lucrative blog is so important? YES, it is. Because you don’t want to spend your time just writing and gliggle about something that happened and stay like this for years and when it’s over and you feel bored of it, just delete the blog with many years of time on the rubbish. Go ahead and you will win a dumb ass award! It’s clear that I won’t be like this forever and I think that the majority of people think the same.

Unfortunelly, brazilian bloggers don’t think like this for marjority, because thay write a lot of tips and How-to-do-something posts. They like more theory than practice. Like advertise some good products but don’t sell them. And american people are good on selling things, even they are second hand products, like eBay merchandise. I read this on a brazilian magazine.

However, Brazil is in crisis and nobody wants to protest, it’s like brazilian people just care about themselves when they’re speaking to each other rather than go to the media and say their opinion out loud and try to change the current situation of curruption and sensacionalism by the important ministers and politicians. We have to use the media for intelligent things. I don’t care if Xuxa is crying because her fans are crying too, or if Justin Bieber is kissing another girls. I care about out future and our rights in a country which since its discovery lies to its own people, damage the people who is working and increasing the labor quality of this country. Even in soccer matches there isn’t pure brazilians players there anymore, just a little quantity that will be living in Europe or in another country soon. Where are the brazilian soccer players to fight for the victory. Where’s the population to fight for their own rights?

So, even bloggers can be damaged by this, because there are so many injustices in this world and the media is protecting the powerful men and consequently it is being held up by liars. We can tell the full 100% of the truth…  We can talk a lot but the problems won’t be solved because my blog is so little and poor for fight with the rich politicians’ arguments which are all cliché words based on cliché promises.

But, see, we can still have fun making new friends and talking about our lives. We can blog witout forget about what is important for us. If you agree with what I said, click on the like buttom on the bottom of the page. At least I’m so relieved for say what I think and satisfied for you be reading this post.

**** Thank you & kisses ****


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