Bye Bye Dear Vacation

8 Aug

Hello~~ : )

How long I don’t write here! The lack of internet  in my house sucks. That’s a rubbish! : /  But ok, I can enjoy my computer course classes and post something. Some funny moments passed without I write them here. I will do it later, ok? Let’s go to the news!

I’m in my computer course again, hiding this post from my teacher hehe Last weekend was too funny, I was at my best friend’s house, her name is ****** (I don’t have her permission to say her name here, sorry!)

We went to the shopping and she asked her boyfriend to go with us. Ok, I definitely don’t like to be a nuisance for them, but she insisted… well, it was her role as a friend insist and promise that I would not be a nuisance because she won’t be kissing him all the time leaving me on the sidelines.

But I thought that was better if I called another friend to go with us, then I would not be alone. I called to him and he promise he will be there on time. He was rehearsing with his rock band and he told me that if he is late, I will have to forgive him. But when we arrive on the shopping, he called to my friend’s cell phone telling that he would not go to the shopping anymore. I was about to kill him via cell phone. But it was impossible with so many people talking at the same time. WTF

Ok, we walked a little and when we went upstairs and she hugged her boyfriend, who I didn’t know yet. We talked and walked a lot around the shopping, because we gave up to go the movie inside of the shopping because of the huge queue waiting to watch Harry Potter anxiously. I didn’t watch Harry Potter 7 part 1, yet, so I wasn’t exactly anxious to watch a movie there that day. I leave them alone and walk around alone. When we met again, we walked more and more. Ok, it is too weird just walk and walk. But it was too funny because I talked a lot with her boyfriend, because he supports the same soccer team I support. Then we just walked a lot and when we was absolutely tired and hungry we stopped and for our lucky my uncle works on a restaurant there, my best friend ***** already knew that. My uncle really liked to pay a snack for us, so that will be not a problem and we will save money to do something after we eat. But the great problem was her boyfriend who was unknown for my uncle and it will be very weird if a boyfriend goes out with his girl without pay anything for her. And we were really ashamed to let my uncle pay a snack for the three of us.

So they went out of the shopping to eat and I stayed at my uncle’s work place. As I said he paid to me, if I say “No, uncle. I will pay it!” he will say “Don’t bother me! I am working and I already paid!” He’s so nice! I ate and at the same time I was watching a soccer match on the food court of the shopping. I was alone as I thought I would be. But be alone for a long time is a crime. They was too late and I was really mad for be waiting a lot for them. I went downstairs when the waiter asked me if I wanted to eat something else, probably another person wanted to sit there. And it was just a person, but a family.

Ok, be patient Carol! I went downstairs as I said (the shopping has three floors, the third floor is where the movies are), and didn’t saw them. I remembered that my best friend didn’t take her purse and her cell phone was in my purse (she lent me her purse, oh, well…) and I called to her boyfriend. They said me that they were arriving, but they were laying one more time. I was suffering waiting a lot for them; I really didn’t want to get lost from them on that huge shopping.  So I decide to call him again and they said that they were arriving. I entered in a store to see some jewelry, they were beautiful. But they arrived and my entertainment ended again. Her boyfriend and I talked a lot about soccer again, and my friend was getting mad with me, but not for real. She told me that if I still her boyfriend I am a dead single girl. But I wasn’t trying to still her boyfriend, he’s so cute but I think I’m taller than him… Oh, come on! I’m a good friend ok!!

And for some coincidence, the soccer team that her boyfriend and I support was about to play a beautiful match against a southern team called Flamengo. But the huge problem was: the match will be transmitted on a TV inside of an expensive restaurant. I talked with the waiter and asked if was ok if we enter and just watch the match. Of course she said “no”. Then, I got the menu which was on the balcony and read it. The only thing that wasn’t expensive was a Milk Shake, available only in Chocolate and Strawberry. I hate strawberry ice cream!! The waiter told me that the ice cream wasn’t too good to be used to make milk shake. But I didn’t want to be standing outside of the restaurant, like some people intended to do. I talked with my friend and decided to buy two milk shakes. We entered, I was so happy!! “I will watch the match now!!” I thought. As the waiter said the milk shake was awful and just my friend who likes strawberry ice cream, she was the lucky girl there, because there was only strawberry milk shake on sail. Oh my Dear God, I had to accept it and tried to drink as much as I could. It was terrible, I was horrified with how terrible it tasted. Low quality milk shake sucks. But I was still happy because of the soccer match. Thanks to the milk shake I was there, and then I insisted in drink it, because it was a little expensive too. Later, when my favorite team was about to score I crumpled the cup making the liquid leak and soil the table. There was a rich environment there. So, I looked around me and tried to disguise the mess.

We were all having fun there. Ok, just her boyfriend and me, because she doesn’t like soccer. She probably was bored. She laughed when a guy celebrated with his friend when the adversary team made a score and she looked at me. We use to say that if the opposing team makes a score, they made the goal of honor of them, and then our team could do a lot of goals without think in the other team feelings. Think in the other team feelings is just for the sensitive people. I am not one of them.

I protested against that guy’s attitude and my friend and her boyfriend asked to me don’t do that, but I am so stubborn and at least one of them knows this. I continued to protest and say something to protect my team. That’s too fool sometimes, but it is a normal thing when we are watching a match and supporting your team. As I said before, it was impossible to me drink such horrible milk shake like that, and the first time of the soccer match finished. Temporary result: Flamengo 1 x 0 Ceara. Obviously, I am a supporter of Ceara Sporting Club.

We paid and got out of there. Thank you God! I was pretending to drink that trash called strawberry milk shake. My friend told me that it would be better if we had bought the Burger King’s milk shake. But it was too late to say something, right? We went downstairs because the shopping was about to close. Her boyfriend had to go home and we stayed in the front of the shopping waiting for her dad. Her dad is a taxi driver, we like to joke saying that we are too rich to catch a bus, and we are going home by taxi, ok? Hahahahaha

We went home and stayed awake until two a.m. In despite of the milk shake everything was normal. Oh, I almost forgot to say that the match finished with the score of Flamengo 1 x 1 Ceara. That was so cool when we were in front of the shopping and a man passed by saying to another man that Ceara had made a goal, tying the game. Yahoo, it was great because the match wasn’t in my city and my team gained more points on the Brazilian championship. I screamed happier than ever, my friend saying “Stop it!” one more time. It was too funny to pay attention on her. Hahahahaha

But you know, that friends are like that, don’t minding what is different on us. There are so funny things that happen with us. One of them is the day when I at her house and I signed up in Poupée Girl. She also did but she doesn’t speak or write in English. I said “Well, we have our best friend: Translate Google”. She laughed a lot and said that one phrase was enough. When we invite a friend we have to send a message talking about you or just say “Hello, Let’s be friends!”. Then, I teached her this phrase: “Hello, I’m *****. Let’s be Poupée friends! Nice too meet you!!” Since then when we remember this phrase we start to laugh until we get breathless. HEHE  Sometime we call each other and she answer, she doesn’t say “hello” as usual, but the phrase. hahahaha Imagine you asnwering a call and a person say “Hello, I’m ******. Let’s be Poupée friends! Nice too meet you!!”.

Ah, it is not funny/comic. Ok, it is funny between me and her. Everyone has a best friend and something that just your friend and you understand. It’s normal. hehe And when we are in crowded place and remember something that happened at school and start to laugh hysterically. That’s so cool! HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA

End of the day!

Kisses : )


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