Hello~~  : )Pride and Prejudice in Portuguese! : )

I’m Caroline, but you can call me Carol, ok? I’m so happy with this blog, it’s just the beginning of all I want to write here, so I think it’s a little soon to say that it will succeed. I like lifestyle blog (like diaries and about fashion, they’re my favorite!! ^__^) and I try to read and know more people every day. I thought a lot about my life and I think it’ll be good something about me and make something like a web diary.

The main feature on me is that I love to read, but I don’t like to read all the time. The fact is that I like to talk more than read, so I get used to spend my time talking about movies and books I’m reading or already read. Now I’m reading Pride and Prejudice, it is on my Top 10 list of books. My mom is an addicted on this book and its movie. Actually, she likes all Jane Austen books.

I enjoyed a literature forum yesterday to see what type of discussion people use to do there. I thought that obviously was about books and more books, following that I thought “you idiot!“, but it was so awkward when people was spending some pages telling that they hate that book because their teacher told them to read it. I think it’s an absurd, because a Literature blog was to talk about books and make some review and criticism, you know like a conversation between professors! Not about how traumatic your 7th grade was!! LOL

Ok, I think that would be better if this was a normal post, but the objective here is talk about myself…. then, let’s continue. I use to read blogs about travels and new life experience, this type of reading makes me think about something to write as a book or some funny articles with my friends.

I’m studing English at a course and I’m training to TOEFL and IELTS. I’m doing my best to go to the university, so some mistakes don’t count and I already forgot. I want to visit TODAI someday and who knowsstudy there… I love fashion and texts, and I have no doubts about my future profession: I want jornalism! : ) I like arts too, but my friend’s mom said something that is totally right: First you have to do something that gives money, and finally do something you like. That’s a fact!

Another thing I like is asian music, so I listen a lot boy bands like DBSK, KAT-tun, Yamapi and Arashi. Another bands I use to listen is Utada Hikaru, YUI, Angela Aki, Ayaka (I love Ayaka’s songs!!!) and some dorama musics. Talking about this, I love doramas. I stopped to watch anime a little, it’s like I don’t have interest anymore… It’s a little strange and sad…

Nice to meet you who like doramas!! : ) I will share some links and new doramas here, ok, I will try to do this, sometimes I forget to do it… hehe I like to study japanese and know more languages, like mandarin. They’re so cute, not difficult! So I’ll start to learn mandarin and study more japanese!

I’m a strange person talking about my manias, and one of them is that I used to read dictionaries HAHAHA I already stopped to do it, ok? I swear…. LOL  ; ) But what I want to keep here is sincerity, so be sincere when you comment. ok?  \^o^/ And most important:

don’t forget to comment!

I need you to exist here, ok? : ) I will try to update my blog soon,



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