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It’s like a message from God!

18 Jul

Listening: Nothing, because I’m in the classroom.

Mood: Tired but a little happy.


Today was increadible when I was going to my course, one more monday waking up early, and a old man started to chat talk to me that study and knowledge are the most important thing in our life. Ok, everyone say that to a teenager. Specially if these teenagers didn’t go to university yet. (-..-) But what he said was too deep and I coudn’t stop to think that that chatting was God saying me something. That’s a thing that I can’t explain. If you already felt like that, ok, you’re understanding me and I’m glad for this.

So, I started to think about my country situation and even the soccer is a rubbish. The whole world know that the soccer players kicked the penalties out. That’s a RUBBISH! What a boring match. >__< But I don’t think it was boring because Brazil lose, but because it’s too long!! I hate to wait for the penalties and feel all the tension just to see my team losing!

BTW, something take this hatred feeling out of my heart. And it was a team that I like the most and, obviously won last night. It’s my city’s team called Ceara. Ceara won with 4 goals and the opponent team didn’t score. That’s really great!!! XD I am completely in love with this team, because even when they lose I feel that in the next time we’ll reach victory. This team’s players are so hardworking and I admire this.

Changing this subject, new clothes and items are arriving everyday at yesstyle webstore and my favourite brands are Cat World, Tokyo Fashion and Puffy. There are so many street fashion options and depends on what type of dresses and denim they’re offering. PUFFY is a increadible brand with so many options for denims and perfect for mature gals or how we say in Gals language, it is perfect for Onee Gyarus. Some pics I see in magazines I can imitate buying something from there.

Like this look:

PUFFY is selling the Ruffled Neckline Playsuit. But the whole look is so nice!! : )

Here, PUFFY is selling the Asymmetric Sleeve Print T-ShirtLove the shorts and its texture!!

And Leopard Print! It is the SUPER TREND. It will never be out-trended or old-fashioned. It’s like a synonimum of chic.

Leopard-Print Tank Dress.

** Love it!! **

Best wishes for U all,



Back to First Level

12 Jul

Listening: DBSK/Why Did I Fall In Love With You   

Mood: Hopeful

Oooooh right! writing about some tragedies in my life and how I like them. I’m not crazy at all, but there are mistakes which help you, we just learn with them, that’s how life works. Like yesterday: my father registered me on a course in the beginning of the year and some study schedule changed and my father had to regiter me on a new schedule of the course. I was studying upper level and with the new schedule I have to begin from the first level again. WTF? No, no, no. Now I can access the internet there almost all the time, because I know all the subjects already. Yesterday started my “back to first level” episodes.

You can say “What idiot” and “Don’t you have computer in your house?”, but actually it wasn’t my fault. It’s courses’ fault because there wasn’t any vacancy with the same level I was doing. Unfortunelly, I have to do the same exams I did last semester and listen my teacher talk about the same things he did in the last months. And the schedule is more satisfactory because I have to go there just one day a week. And my classes are from 1:30-4:30 p.m. It’s long but we don’t realize the time passing, it passes so fast when we’re in front of a computer.

When I got in the class and saw the same subjects listed on the board, I said WTF! But when I sit down and turned my computer on I thought that what was happening with me was more than a crazy view of life, was like a second chance. I’m not talking about improve my grades, because I was the top of the class, I am talking about someone!! ; ) There’s someone there who I admire and want him to talk with me. I encoureged myself a lot of times, when he was sitting by my side, when he opened the door for me… I don’t him very well, he never talked with me… that’s a little patetic, but this is happening with a lot of people too. It’s normal when someone is admiring other person search for some information about him/her. I have to say that I hadn’t seached anything until now. And I don’t intend to do this, because I prefer ‘ya know’ listen more about him from his mouth or see with my own eyes.

I can say that I don’t even know what course his doing there and this type of information it’s easy to know, right? Because It’s a small course…. I don’t know! I don’t have to think about it all the time. That’s like another sad episode of my life… I don’t even know his name. That’s normal, thinking that I only know him by sight. But I need some advices of what I have to do now. This occured in my mind when I was watching Densha Otoko, but I am not a nerd who is addicted with anime characters or an otaku girl. I don’t like anything axaggeratedly. I have never liked something as fanatic and my only idols are my parents. That’s how the life have to be for me, because I judge as a super idiot someone who cries just because a famous person touched her hand.

But there’s something else on the air: there’s someone liking me in the other course, I may say, in the english course. He is so wise, but not a nerd (I don’t have any prejudice with nerd people, in Brazil it’s a good thing because this person will be rich and happy with no regrets), he’s good looking, but not handsome. He’s gentle, quite and don’t speak so much. Something that is positive is that he supports the same soccer team which I support and he is taking part of a high-level course in a prestigious university in my city. It’s kinda perfect, but I feel nothing for him. That’s really worring… >.<

But I don’t care about this anymore, last week ok! I was worring about this, but now? No, no, no! I just want to delete most of bad or worrying things in my mind. What about now? I don’t know. I’ll just let it happen…. If I have more new, I’ll post them here for sure.

Oh, yeah! I didn’t metion anything about the first guy, the guy of my computer classes. He’s tall and has brown hair almost blond, he’s gentle and seems that he likes anime and games. He’s cute, sometimes handsome (I don’t know how to explain why or how) and he’s really good with computers.

That’s all I know about him now… almost nothing LOLOLOLOL

I have to go now!! So love, smile and sing as much as you can. That’s good for your health and with a good shape.

P.S.: The music on the top of the page has no relation with this post or my feelings. I didn’t fall in love with anyone yet, ok? I just admire him, admire! I found this music the day before yesterday because my cousin likes a lot DBSK and gave me a  post tolding me to listen their music, ok?

kisses and see ya~! ; )

Hello world!

11 Jul

Oh, ok! As you can see that’s my first post here and my objective of doing this blog is just for training my english with someone else…. ok, I’m kidding!! LOL I won’t use you, right? Stopping kidding now, or you will start to hate me, that’s a lifestyle blog and I’ll use it asa diary. If you think your life is a mess, oh! Don’t ask about mine, ok? It’s embarassing. But I thought a lot and I had a conclusion that surprised me a little: I’ll write about my daylife on a blog and post it to the whole world read it…. Oh well, I don’t know if everybody is reading it, it’s a new blog. The main objective here is make new friends and enjoy the life the way it is.

“I have to love my life” is a phrase that I hate, because we have just onelife, oh ok, for the Catolic and Evangelic people this is a fact. So, we have to live our lives don’t worring about the evil on the world. Don’t worry about your mistakes, because we always learn with them. And like all magic we know from fairy tales, has a collateral effect.

“I love my life.” is the phrase that I love the most, of course. (And you got it in the last paragraph. Sorry, I’m just enphasizing my text.)  Today is the day of some surprises, and one of them is that my English teacher is preparing us to ENEM too. (Oh, sorry. You don’t know ENEM. It’s a vestibular here in Brazil. It’s a bit complicated talk about it, because some students like this new sistem, and others want the traditional exam type, with two fases and more difficult. You may say that the last group is crazy, but they’re not and I’ll explain why! We had been prepared to do the difficult and traditional method our whole life, and my class was the guinea pig to do ENEM. And the worst, we had just one year to prepare for it, and took almost two months to get the supplies and start to study for real. That’s a real tragedy and frustrating. Guess what? We didn’t give up. Almost all of my class is in universty. So, I have a conclusion for this as a moral of the history: Don’t give up, even if the time you have to plan and fight for it is short.

Repeat with me: “I’m prepared, I’ll succeed!”. “Breath slowly, inspiration and expiration…” I saw this reading the TOEFL preparing book. LOL So, it’s prooved that’s not a section of hypnosis. I swear!! LOL I passed in vestibular too, but I didn’t the registration to enter to university, I’m so stupiiiiid!! Moral of my absurd story: I passed in vestibular but I’m not in a university WTF I’m so idiot you can say this all the timje, but the best thing in me is that I don’t give up, and I promiss to myself and you, dear bloggers and readers, that I’ll enter in a university this time!! I won’t give up!! I PROMISE!! And I don’t want a political career, then I’m not lying LOL

After talking about some crisis in my life I really have positive things to share with you. So, I’ll post it later, because my class finished and I have to go home now!

Kisses and a good Carpe Diem LOLLOLOLOLOLOL