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It’s like a message from God!

18 Jul

Listening: Nothing, because I’m in the classroom.

Mood: Tired but a little happy.


Today was increadible when I was going to my course, one more monday waking up early, and a old man started to chat talk to me that study and knowledge are the most important thing in our life. Ok, everyone say that to a teenager. Specially if these teenagers didn’t go to university yet. (-..-) But what he said was too deep and I coudn’t stop to think that that chatting was God saying me something. That’s a thing that I can’t explain. If you already felt like that, ok, you’re understanding me and I’m glad for this.

So, I started to think about my country situation and even the soccer is a rubbish. The whole world know that the soccer players kicked the penalties out. That’s a RUBBISH! What a boring match. >__< But I don’t think it was boring because Brazil lose, but because it’s too long!! I hate to wait for the penalties and feel all the tension just to see my team losing!

BTW, something take this hatred feeling out of my heart. And it was a team that I like the most and, obviously won last night. It’s my city’s team called Ceara. Ceara won with 4 goals and the opponent team didn’t score. That’s really great!!! XD I am completely in love with this team, because even when they lose I feel that in the next time we’ll reach victory. This team’s players are so hardworking and I admire this.

Changing this subject, new clothes and items are arriving everyday at yesstyle webstore and my favourite brands are Cat World, Tokyo Fashion and Puffy. There are so many street fashion options and depends on what type of dresses and denim they’re offering. PUFFY is a increadible brand with so many options for denims and perfect for mature gals or how we say in Gals language, it is perfect for Onee Gyarus. Some pics I see in magazines I can imitate buying something from there.

Like this look:

PUFFY is selling the Ruffled Neckline Playsuit. But the whole look is so nice!! : )

Here, PUFFY is selling the Asymmetric Sleeve Print T-ShirtLove the shorts and its texture!!

And Leopard Print! It is the SUPER TREND. It will never be out-trended or old-fashioned. It’s like a synonimum of chic.

Leopard-Print Tank Dress.

** Love it!! **

Best wishes for U all,